Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

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Syn is a lifestyle club located in Tulsa, OK, and is considered the hottest club in the area. We are open only on nights listed below. If you want to stay on top of the naughtiest bits of news, then check out our blog. Want to connect with like mind people? Syn Supports Kasidie. Click our link and recive 90 day free membership. As of Jan Syn will have a greatly reduced presence on Facbook. We endorse and will be building our presence on MeWe. If you have fantasized about playing in the swing while stud after stud takes turns this event is for you. The rules are very similar to our Cum One, Cum all event.

Any lady in the swing is open for play. You are welcome to come up to touch or engage in sexual activity without express permission. However the lady is still allowed to say no. Yes is not required, but no must be respected. We will be moving the swing to a central location for this event. All other normal rules and decorum will be in place. Doors open at 8, party starts at 9 and we Syn till 2am. Couples are Buying Tickets online is not required but highly suggested.

We are BYOL with a bar next door. Must be 20 or older to attend. Halloween is always a big event at Syn. We will be giving out free entries, Syn swag and gift cards. Drawing will be at the witching hour and you can win more than once. This will be a bar takeover night. That means you will purchase your wristbands at the door of the bar.

Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

No one will be allowed in the bar unless they are a Synner. Please do not bring outside drinks into the bar. Nor take bar beverages to the BYOL patio. Both of these are illegal and we will be strict on these rules. Contrary to belief I dislike being an asshole. Things that can cost me thousands of dollars and get us shut down permanently tend to get us miffed.

Must be 21 or older to attend. For Tickets. If you are there to socialize, get to know people or only play with your partner only you will ask for a red wristband. If you are there to play you ask for a green wristband this is your al to Syn. If only one is there to play you can ask for different colors.

Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

Note just because someone has a green wristband does not mean you are free to touch or engage without permission. It just means they are open to it. Standard protocol and etiquette is still in effect. By default everyone will be given a green wristband. If you want a red one let the door person know when you pay. We are having another Forbidden Fantasy event. These events feature demonstration and education on some of the more taboo play. The play room will be set up in its demo configuration and the demo begins about Around the demo will end and normal Synful play will. You are encouraged to participate in the play theme but not required.

Violet wands are modern electrical sexual or kink stimulation toys. They are used for the application of low current, high voltage, high-frequency, electricity to the body. They are most commonly used in BDSM though erotic sensation play is also possible with them. Our demonstrator E. M is a well known educator in the Fetish community. His demo for Syn will focus more on the sensual and sexual applications, but will be happy to answer questions about the more BDSM applications. If you are well versed with a Violet Wand you are encouraged to bring yours and engage when the room s open use.

Our Cum One, Cum All event is our gangbang night. The king bed will be lit up and any ladies on it are there to play. The bondage bed can be lit up as well upon request. If a lady is on any bed that is lit up you do not have to ask permission before touching or engaging in any sexual activity. However you must still respect no. Yes is not required but no is still an option. By default only the king bed will be lit up. Ladies if you want the bondage bed lit up we can do that as well. Guys if a bed is NOT lit up do not approach a couple playing on it.

If they are interested they will invite you. Double standard rule always applies at Syn: Guys can not self love women can self love all they want.

Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

We obviously will be upping the amount of single males allowed at this event. For this event only we ask single ladies to pay This fee can be waived if you plan on participating in the event. This event always sells out. We do allow some walkup but there is no guarantee of entry unless you purchase a ticket. Doors open at 8 party starts at 9. Open till 2am.

Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

We will be closed this Holiday weekend for renovations to the Party Patio. Come out next weekend and check out the new and improved Party Patio. Any questions feel free toand we look forward to seeing you all again. For Location Details for location details. Syn is open ONLY on the nights listed below. Check out the Virgins of Syn. Also check out our on our playroom NR2K for details and common etiquette questions.

Check out our Blog If you want to stay on top of the naughtiest bits of news, then check out our blog. We just assume your all dirty naughty Synners. For more details check out our blog posting on this event. We will be closed next weekend! Come out and Syn hard tonight!

Thank you!!

Tulsa oklahoma sex clubs

email: [email protected] - phone:(808) 394-8131 x 5568

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