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Being, to a certain extent, the traditional and romantically nostalgic kind of person, I was never much into dating sites and apps. That I learned the other night while attending an underground techno party in Athens. I was introduced by a friend to a French expat. We had a talk which became especially interesting when I asked him what he does for a living. He said he has an online job in a company providing chat moderation services. A of different ideas passed through my head, attempting to define what chat moderation and the task of a chat moderator may be, but none of them succeeded in even getting close to the truth.

I had to ask…. He agreed. What I basically do is sitting at home and replying to messages…. I mean, if you are a girl and want sex, no matter how bad you look, you hardly even need to go to the bar. You will probably have plenty of choices for good-looking guys to pick up along your way there. Because of this fact, the companies need to cure the imbalance in order to keep the platform running and generating income.

How are you? We basically need to keep the guys entertained while perpetually postponing the meeting. We cannot satisfy their needs, and they will soon drop out of the app. Some others enjoy chatting — or even, due to being married or any other reason, they are there for chatting alone. He sent me over the link, I applied, I was hired… That was all. They have a website where anyone can apply. It can be fun. I hear lots of funny stuff from our clients, and I also get to speak to them about my own vices and perversions; things I could not easily say to anyone in person. They tell me about their fetishes, and I tell them back about my own kinky experiences in bed, reversing, of course, my role as if I were my girlfriend.

Anyhow, it allows me to work whenever and wherever I want, and I get fairly well paid for it. I usually work hours every evening, but I miss the weekends because I party too much. The customer service supports only financial issues. But it can theoretically be that the same guy who was yesterday writing to me about his kinky fantasies calls me up in the morning to complain about an overcharge on his credit card… You never know. Once you log in to the system, you will see a complete list of all the messages waiting for a reply.

The first available employee will re. This way, we could sustain coherent conversations with the clients from start to finish and increase their engagement with the site. On top of that, it would also be more fun for me as an employee…. But nor do we need to communicate with them too frequently. I, for instance, work for a French-language erotic app.

The company serves a great multitude of dating and erotic sites in many different languages, who are the ones creating the fake profiles in the first place. Our company only provides them with the appropriate staff to manage them. They know their male clientele very well. They set up s according to demand. They throw in profiles of diverse nationalities, ages, personalities… All the range is covered: from the super-sexy, exotic girl with the lecherous pictures to the Puritan Christian girl looking to start a big traditional family… You name it.

They may be downloading them from Google. They may be buying them from stock repositories. Some profiles have only one picture; some others have many… I get paid to write messages. Wherever the pictures of the girls I feign come from… nothing I care to know. If not they, however, someone else does for sure. That would be straight-up fraud. The company would never allow such a thing to happen, lest they fancy being shut and prosecuted. They monitor all conversations closely.

Everything is recorded to make sure employees do not cross the line. They most often need to pay for registration, and that deters them from trying. The platforms also do their best to keep such pricks out. Still, there are lo of unserious apps allotting a consistent field of action to them, too. They will start a chat with each and every girl on the site by saying the exact same thing. They are demanding clients. I will initially reply to them from a few different profiles, but I will soon need to start ignoring them, running out of ideas. I mean, how many distinct answers can one give to the same question?

I answered him through quite a few profiles.

Solution sexy chat Athens

He was Swiss, around forty years old. At one instance, I asked him whether he also likes doing it, besides getting it done to himself. He does it regularly but has never found a girl who agreed to do it to him. He has asked his girlfriend, but she categorically refuses to do it. Some surely use fake ones, too.

It never bothered me much to know. These I think were some interesting insights from an insider on how the electronic dating industry works. Have you been using dating platforms yourself? If yes, will this story affect the way you use them? Let us know below…. The story you've just read is a part of my "Real Stories of Real People" collection, wherein I narrate my encounters with various remarkable characters I've run into while traveling around the world.

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Solution sexy chat Athens

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Solution sexy chat Athens

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Solution sexy chat Athens

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