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Sydney Harbour November 30th, Speaker, for two years the government has known that the one infrastructure priority for Cape Breton is to dredge Sydney harbour. All we have seen in the last two years is Conservative ministers passing the buck. All the other stakeholders have their money on the table, but not the government. Will the Prime Minister do the right thing and come to Cape Breton and get his share of the money on the table? Holy Angels High School November 17th, Speaker, I want to take a few moments to talk about a great Canadian educational institution. Holy Angels High School in Sydney has been educating young women for over years.

It has produced community leaders and national leaders, including Nova Scotia senator, Jane Cordy, and the hon. Minister of Labour. The only public girls' school east of Montreal, Holy Angels has educated young women from all parts of my riding. Their experience gives them the confidence to do whatever they want in life, from working to build their own communities to becoming a senator or a federal cabinet minister. Unfortunately, the school is in danger of closing. The school board is looking for solutions and I support its efforts.

I therefore call upon all members of the House to recognize Holy Angels High School as a great Canadian institution of learning that deserves to remain open so it can educate young women for another years. My hon. People can go to the town of North Sydney and see the traffic and travellers who go back and forth and we rely on that service. It is critical for Newfoundland and Labrador, and it is critical for the economy in Cape Breton.

To neglect the investment in that piece of infrastructure is really going against the Constitution. There is no exception. We should not have the Auditor General having to step up to the plate for us on this one. The citizenship and immigration processing centre in Cape Breton is quite a success story. People do a fantastic job. They process the applications quickly. There are not a lot of immigrants who come to Cape Breton but there are a lot who go to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Every member in this chamber should realize the importance of processing them in an efficient, speedy manner. We need to keep these people on full time, because they are trained and they can get the job done. In Cape Breton we can get the job done, and these guys need to learn how to get the job done. Speaker, I am glad the environment was brought up. Since we are talking about the environment and how we stepped up to the plate, there were two big environment projects that had to be done in Cape Breton.

One was the Sydney tar ponds. It was the worst site in Canada that to be cleaned up. We also had the former coal mines in Cape Breton that were getting cleaned up. That was a big environmental issue. No doubt about it, the environment is still a big issue for Cape Breton because we have so many fishing communities.

Time and again, as the tides are rising and the water is getting higher, we are having problems with our breakwaters and wharves. The hon. It dealt with making homes more energy efficient and there was a tax credit. I am ashamed that the government took it away. Speaker, I want to take the Minister of Finance on a little trip down memory lane to December After a rather mean-spirited budget, the finance minister invited the opposition members to come forward with some issues from their ridings.

I was asked, so I made some submissions. I talked to my constituents and we gave a submission to the finance minister in January and there was quite a list there.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

The sad part is that most of it was not taken care of over the last two years. There were some things done because of the Auditor General. She brought forward the issue of Marine Atlantic in her report and how Marine Atlantic definitely needed more money for infrastructure. When we look at the importance of Marine Atlantic since Newfoundland and Labrador ed Confederation, it was part of the Confederation deal that it would be maintained, that goods and services would be able to travel freely across the strait to Newfoundland and from Port aux Basques and Argentia back to North Sydney.

The last few years have been really desperate in terms of the amount of infrastructure that went into terminals and into the vessels. The Auditor General noticed this, and yes, there was some money put forward to Marine Atlantic, so I have to give credit where it is due on that one. It is kind of shocking when we look at what has not been done in Cape Breton.

I brought it up in the House on Friday. It was well put together by public works. It was an efficient building. It was an environmental friendly building. But the Conservatives took it off the table.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

It should have been in one of those 16, projects. It was a win-win situation for those three departments that are so important for northern Cape Breton. Also in northern Cape Breton we had the Cape North arena, which should have been one of the projects. We have projects right across. The most work was done by the community, and the Province of Nova Scotia has put some money in. Even the municipality of Cape Breton, CBRM, came forward with a couple of million dollars, and it is a fairly poor municipality when we think about how it tries to make ends meet.

However, it put this money together for the dredging of Sydney Harbour. I have asked this question many times in the House. It was part of the submission that was given to the finance minister at that time, that this was the one priority for Cape Breton. So it is not that he did not know about it.

The stakeholders and the municipality and the province all stepped up to the plate on this, but where is the federal government? It is nowhere to be seen, nowhere in this action plan.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

I do not know if the Prime Minister knows where Cape Breton is. He should come down. The whole Liberal caucus came down there this summer and had a great time. The Prime Minister should do this thing, especially when all the stakeholders are stepping up to the plate, and get this harbour dredged. It would mean so much for the future prosperity of Cape Breton.

Right now, coal boats come in half filled because they cannot come through the harbour. It needs to be dredged. We have companies ready to step up to the plate to have a very modern container port in Sydney Harbour, but they need the dredging done. This government needs to step up to the plate and get it done. Another issue that was brought forward and we were hoping to see in the budget is permanent employees at Citizenship and Immigration.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

Right now, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration in Sydney, Cape Breton, does a lot of processing for immigration. There is a steady flow of immigrants coming into this country, so it is no shock to know how much work needs to be done on these files, but they continue to lay off the employees. They laid them off again last year and the backlog in the immigration file started increasing again. Now they are hiring them back. It is a totally disruptive system that they have going, not only for the employees but also for the immigration process, as many of the members here know with people coming to their offices trying to get their applications processed.

There are jobs. The union and the representatives came to the immigration committee of the House. They showed their case and how important it was. That should have been in the budget.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

I am also the critic for rural affairs and I would like to talk about the rural issues that are not being taken care of. Last year was rough on a lot of farmers out west. It was a cold spring and a very wet fall. My colleague, the hon.

He had a hard time getting in the fields. There was a lot of water in the fields and they are in rough shape. It has been a rough year, when we look at the s in terms of crops that are being harvested. What do my colleagues from the Conservative Party bring to the House to talk about?

The long gun registry.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

That is all they talked about this fall. Why did they not talk about the conditions that the farmers were facing and how we as Parliament can help these farmers through their crisis? But no, it was not brought up in the House. It took the member for Malpeque to go out there, visit these fields and talk to the farmers. They want action not only by the members, but by the Prime Minister. It is sad to see what is happening to our pork and beef producers and we do not see the government stepping up to the plate. Another issue is what is happening with the lobster fishermen.

I have many small communities that rely on the lobster industry. They had a very bad year last year, not only because of the amount of fish they were catching but also the prices. We were thinking that perhaps the Conservatives were listening and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans came out with a policy. We found out later that most of the lobster fishers could not receive the money, and the little they did receive did not go anywhere.

So the program they had to help the lobster fishers was a total failure. We wonder where the money is going for rural Canada. We do not see it. We do not see it going to the fishermen and we do not see it going to the farmers. However, they had another opportunity, which is part of our platform, and that is to recognize the volunteer firefighters. The work they do in these small communities across Canada is unbelievable. They are sometimes the mainstay of a small community. Many times these young men and women who are working for volunteer fire department have to put all their courses into it.

It would have shown respect. It would have helped to encourage them, because they are the lifeline for these rural communities. As the critic for rural affairs, I cannot believe how little was done on the Conservative side. There was so much opportunity. When we look at the amount of money that was spent on s, photo-ops and building fake lakes, and promotion of the Prime Minister's office, a lot of that money could have gone into these small projects across the country.

It could have helped farmers, fishers, and small communities and we would have had something to show for it. What do we have now? A big deficit. We could have seen the money go to the areas where it should have gone, but what we see now is a big deficit.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

The Liberal governments invested in communities. We used to have the SCIF program, which helped small communities. It was a good program for the small communities. When a small community would step up to the plate with funds or volunteerism, the SCIF program kicked in. It was a program that could have really worked. The government did not have to reinvent the wheel and it did not break the bank.

Looking for Ingonish speaker

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Looking for Ingonish speaker